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Matte, Italian nubuck with embossed scales and copper, leather accents. Interior fully lined with tanned leather. Elegantly organic and blooming in essence.


This type of purse was inspired in the giant flowers that grow in the regions of Sumatra; however, its name derives from the German Lucky Clover due to the four petal flaps that unzip and open the bag. Although the purse has a life of its own due to its amorphous and organic shape, it is as elegant and beautiful as any flower in nature. Most of the body of the purse consist of matte nubuck leather with scaled texture and copper, effect leather. It contains four different compartments in its interior. Two pouches with zipper and two open ones of smaller sized objects.

Exterior: Matte, Italian nubuck with embossed scales; Interior: copper leather and tanned, lining leather; Includes metal conchas holding the strap

28cmL x 14cmW x 30cmH x 120cm Long Strap – 11”L x 5½”W x 11¾”H x 47½” Long Strap

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